Behind The Blogger + Bookending Spring

Behind The Blogger + Bookending Spring


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Oh hello there! I had some big goals for April since I did so well with March blogging, but as it often does, life got in the way. I need to figure out how to make sure blogging becomes a staple in my life no matter what I get caught up in. Anyway, I am still determined to call April a success by finishing out The Bookending Spring Event. The rules speak to my heart because they are so simple–at least 3 posts that aren’t reviews. There is even a list of (optional) prompts! This is my second post for the Bookending Spring event. My last post detailed what makes me pick up a book .

Today, I am doing a book tag called Behind the Blogger (that no one tagged me in) created by Ellyn at allonsythornraxx. I am hoping that this post inspires me to blog more and reminds me why I decided to pursue this in the first place.

I was tagged by Kaylee and didn’t realize it until I went to tag people and saw in my notifications that she tagged me! I randomly picked this tag today so I feel like it’s fate that it worked out so well! Also, I really need to fix the WordPress app on my phone so that I can get notifications again!

Lets get into it!

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