Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests and book promoting opportunities. Please send requests to

Genres I Do and Don’t Accept

Generes I Like

  • YA Fantasy
  • New Adult
  • Thriller or Mystery
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Adult Contemporary

Genres I Do Not Like

  • Self Help
  • Christian Fiction/Non Fiction
  • Horror

Review Options

If requesting a review, please clarify if you want a thorough review or a simple review.

Thorough Review:

I try and do a 5 part review for books that I read. You can read more about that system here

Simple Review:

I will also do shorter reviews that will include cover art, my star rating, summary, and my overall thoughts.  


I accept ARCs, e-books, finished copies, and self published books. 



I reserve the right to not finish a book that has been requested to be reviewed. If I do not finish it, I will not post a review for it and will contact the requester to explain why I did not finish. 

Low Rating Books

I provide honest reviews for all the books I review, even ones that may receive a low rating. However, I always try to be diplomatic when I do not like a book.If I don’t like the book, I make sure it is clear that it is based off my own tastes. 


Please keep in mind that I work full-time, have kids, and am in school. I have a goal to write reviews within a week of finishing a book. Please expect a review to take anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months from the time I receive the book.