Book Rating System


I use two different systems for rating my books. A General System and a Smut System This explains my General System. With each book, I give a star rating with an explanation as to why I rated the book the way I did.

I use a 5 star scale similar to Goodreads. Here is how the star system is broken down based on my own judgement. Occasionally, I will split up my review based on categories (plot, characters, pacing, etc.) in which I assign a star scale review for each category and will do an overall star rating at the end.

0-1.5 Stars– This rating means that I did not enjoy the book at all and I struggled to get through it. I probably couldn’t wait to be done with this book and may even DNFed it.

2-2.5 Stars– This book was lacking in more than one aspect. Whether it be in character development, plot, or another area, this book was not loved by me. It fell flat and I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend

3-3.5 Stars– There was nothing glaringly bad about this book and I may not even be able to pin point exactly why I didn’t like this book more. There could also be just one aspect of the book that failed to satisfy my book needs. I enjoyed the book but not in a way that makes me gush about it. I call this my “meh” rating.

4-4.5 Stars- I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to a friend. The reason for not being a perfect 5 could be due to only part of the book not being perfect for my standards. Otherwise, this book was fantastic.

5 Stars- I loved this book and it is everything I want in a read. Pacing, characters, setting, plot, all of it was amazing and I will gush and rave about this book until the end of time.