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Hi! I’m Shelbi. I am your average 27 year old living in Ohio. When I’m not reading about books, I am talking about them. If I am not talking about books, I’m thinking about them! I occasionally post to Booktube and always post to Twitter. Find those links below!

I work as a sign language interpreter (so that I can buy more books, duh!). I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in October 2016 after a debilitating attack. Fortunately, I have not had any more relapses since my diagnosis and live a relatively healthy life! My husband and I are attempting to raise our son and daughter (5.5 and 3) to be decent humans who also have a love for books.

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For many years  (most of my later teens and adult years), my main reading material has ben adult fiction (contemporary, thrillers, paranormal romance). I never thought about exploring or expanding my tastes until I found the online book community. In July 2018, I began reading YA Fantasy and decided that it’s pretty good! I also enjoy middle grade fantasy, a little bit of smut (but the plot has to be thicker than the smut), thrillers and mysteries. My tastes are ever evolving so you will find that I discuss a  variety of genres.


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I recently started this blog so that is a big interest to me right now. I also love to watch movies with my friends and family. My favorite TV shows are New Girl, Parks and Rec, and Brooklyn 99. My favorite restaurant is Chipotle. I also am a “planner nerd” I spend a lot of time building my perfect planner and scheduling out my weeks and months. I have a pretty big set up! Check out my Youtube channel for some “plan with me” videos.

In addition, I have spent the last year working on the art of hand lettering. I can’t draw at all, but I knew I could teach myself how to make words look pretty. I have found it incredibly relaxing!  

I am a practicing pagan and you may see a few posts related to this topic. I observe Witches Sabbaths, celebrate full and new moons, work with tarot cards and various other witchy related things.

And of course, I love spending time with my husband and kids!