April Wrap Up

April Wrap Up

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Where the fuck does time go? It feel like only a week ago that I was typing up my March Wrap Up. I had a pretty big April TBR and I am happy to say that I (mostly) stuck to it. I didn’t read one book that was on the list and I added 3 more. In total, I read 9 books.

Here are the stats:

Total pages read: 3,233
Young Adult: 6
Mystery/Thriller: 1
Adult Fiction: 0
Other: 2

Star Ratings:
2-2.5 Stars: 2
3-3.5 Stars: 1
4-4.5 Stars: 3
5 Stars: 3
DNF: 0

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2-2.5 Stars

639013440490866 The first book was a pick for Touch Your Shelf Book Club. It is a Beauty and the Beast modernization in smut form. I did give a mini review over on my Goodreads page to explain why I only gave it 2 stars. Tarot was a big let down because I was expecting so much more. I feel like the story started off in the wrong spot and the “twist” was pretty easy to figure out. The characters were one dimensional and bland. But I do think the author did a good job describing the scenery!

3-3.5 Stars

34659293  If you know anything about my reading tastes, you know that I am not a huge a fan of YA contemporary. I have a hard time connecting to the characters and I get kinda bored. This is not the genre’s fault. It is just not for me and that’s ok. But when I first started listening to this book, I was hooked. As an atheist, I could relate to much of the main character felt. His views are similar to my own. I was laughing out loud at some points. But I do felt that I kind of dragged on and the teenage angsty stuff was a yawn fest. However, I do think this book is a solid 3.5 stars, maybe even 4. I see the appeal in it and I liked that our main character was flawed and learned lessons. I have heard from some Catholics that it is not a good representation of what Catholic school is really like, so keep that in mind.  Be on the lookout for a full review.

4-4.5 Stars

260328872448558936364977 I am happy to say that The Wicked King got one more star than The Cruel Prince did! I was much more engaged with this story than I was with the first one. I kind of knew what was going to happen based on the title of the last book, but I didn’t know the why or the how. I definitely felt myself being pulled more into the Jude + Cardan love spell that most people find themselves in. But I still have my feelings about it. I don’t think I will do a full review for this one because I don’t have much to say about it. I picked up Hunted and was interested to see how the story was going to be done. This teetered on 3.5-4 stars for me but in the end I was happy to go ahead and give it that extra half star for it to make it into this category. Not a bad Beauty and the Beast retelling, but not my favorite. The Real Michael Swann has been eluding me for almost a year now. I picked it up and put it back downs several times. This time, I needed a break from YA and dove straight into this and I am glad I did. Whenever I read a mystery/thriller, I am reminded why I love the genre!

5 Stars


I am so pleased that I had three 5 star reads this month! First of all, Gemina. Do I really need to say more? I plan to do a full Illuminae Series review once I read Obsidio in May. A Curse So Dark and Lonely gave me life in April. It was so good that I was in a reading slump after. So be warned. Read my full review here. When I finished listening to The Wicked King, I needed another audiobook to start. I had been wanting to read Trevor Noah’s book for awhile and figured now was as good time as any! I am so glad that I went for it. Noah’s humor and personality shines through and it really opened my eyes to issues and political happenings of South Africa. I learned so much and my respect for Trevor Noah has grown even more.

leaf 14

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought on “April Wrap Up

  1. I loved Gemina back when I read it when it came out so I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! I really want to read Hunted and A Curse So Dark And Lonely. They sound so good!


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