Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

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Title: Godsgrave

              Series: The Nevernight Chronicles (#2)

Author: Jay Kristoff

Genre: Fantasy

Target Age Group: Adult

*Review contains spoilers



“The heavens grant us only one life, but through books, we live a thousand.”
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Holy shit. This book was AMAZING. I didn’t plan to pick this book up in March but since my best friend was reading it, I decided that this month was as good as any. It did take me a full 2 weeks to finish but its not because the book was boring. In fact, it kept me constantly engaged. It’s just a big book and the typography is tiny. I highly recommend not listening to this book on audiobook. I tried to listen to Nevernight on audiobook but I was confused due to the footnotes. I think this book reads much better with the physical book.

Plot and Setting

The story picks up in the desert lands and the reader doesn’t get to find out where Mia is right away. Once we encounter her, we flip perspectives and go back in time. Eventually the story catches up to the present and thats how the rest of the book remains. I really liked this style because it still gave the reader opportunities to be in suspense.

Mia is still on the quest for revenge against the men that killed her family. She is also still reeling from the events from book one. She lost many friends at the hands of Ashlynn, a former friend. However, as the story progresses, Mia starts to question everything she thought she knew.



Love all the characters, especially our anti-hero Mia. Everyone has a distinct personality and they all have their own voice in my head. Kristoff, in his brilliant fucked up head, doesn’t keep everyone alive just because that character is innocent or a good person. NO ONE IS SAFE. I was really emotional when some minor characters were killed off even though they weren’t a huge part of the story. Kristoff is good about making you deeply care about everyone and also deeply hate others. Mia’s confection with what is “right and wrong” is a central theme of the story so is the action.  I loved Mercurio and definitely have a soft spot for this cranky old bastard. I desperately hope he is still alive. There are few other minor characters that I ended up really liking too.


I was never bored of this book. I always looked forward to picking it up and hated putting it down. The story drew me in and the constant revealing of information had me hooked.  Like I said, the story was full of action and I loved seeing Mia kick some ass.


There are still so many questions left that will hopefully be covered in the last installment (release date is Sept 2019!). I loved the writing style, the world, the sass of the characters, EVERYTHING. An easy 5 star read!



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