January Wrap Up and Update

January Wrap Up and Update

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Surprised to see me? Thought I was gone for good? Is anyone even reading this? >.<

Well to be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to return to blogging but here I am. The feeling hit me and I decided to go ahead and jump back in. I still don’t want to commit to a schedule because I like being a mood blogger. Sure my numbers won’t grow and my audience will thin out, but thats ok. I like to blog mostly *for me*.

ANYWAY, lets get into how my month went for reading!

So January and all of February was supposed to be filled with Sookie Stackhouse novels due to me starting a Sookie Series Buddy read. I was going strong until I hit the fifth book. This is the first time I ever tried to read an entire series consecutively. And considering that the Sookie Series is 13 books long, I had to have true commitment. Turns out, I did not have the commitment. I stopped after book 5. I do plan to finish the series this year but I definitely need to break it up!

124163751317969113733433Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4)25969661

I did mini reviews for these over on my Goodreads page. Overall, I still think they are mostly 5 star reads because of the genre it is. This is nothing riveting or mind blowing. But if you are looking for fun, light, exciting, and a bit sexy, then these books are for you.

Another book I read was the NetGally book, Willful Depravity by Ingrid Hahn. I decided on a 3 star review for this. You can read the review here.


Once I decided to take a break on the Sookie Series, I had to choose my next book. I was going to read Six of Crows, and I even started it before I put it down for something else. I was listening to the audiobook of Winter for awhile and I hit a part where it was getting really good and I didn’t want to wait until my commutes to listen to it. So I picked up the physical book and do not regret it at all!


I loved this entire series but Winter may be my favorite of all the books. It was full of action. I especially love how Meyers writes her characters. They all have a very distinct personality. This was a 5 star read for sure!

So in all, I read 7 books for January.

For February, I am having a hard time choosing which books to read but I have a tentative list. I do want to complete at least 4 books. Here is my TBR “wish list.” As in, I wish to be able to complete them!


Six of Crows

The Cruel Prince

City of Ghosts (for my LitCoven book club)

Wires and Nerves

Hidden Bodies (sequel to YOU)

Not pictured: Sawkill Girls (for Booktube Games group read).



As of right now, I plan to participate in the Booktube Games on Twitter. It is basically a bunch of people divided up into teams (I’m Team Ketterdam!) with a goal of reading the most pages. It is honor based system. If I can remember to log my pages, then it will be great. If I forget to log (likely) then it will be another failed challenge lol.

I am hoping to write an entire series review for The Lunar Chronicles soon, so please be on the lookout for that.

Until then, I hope you all had a wonderful February!

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