New Year Check In

New Year Check In


Hello! Surprised to see me? I unintentionally took a hiatus over the holidays. Between everyone in my house getting hit with a stomach bug from Christmas day until the 29th, I did not have much leisure time. But now I am back to work and have a little bit of down time to catch up and re-center myself and get back to blogging.

I still have not decided on a schedule and honestly, I am contemplating on leaving it up in the air. Over the holiday, I had some time to reflect on what my blog goals will be/should be. To be frank, I am not doing this for anyone but me. Sure, its great when people read and comment on my posts but I have come to accept that my life does not allow for the level of interaction needed to “grow my blog”  with followers. It is not that I don’t want to interact and grow, it is just that I simply do not have the time to commit. Between working full time, school full time, and being a mom full time, what time I have left is precious. Some of that precious time, I might feel like blogging, other times I may feel  like reading or focusing on other hobbies. I am allowing myself the flexibility because that is exactly what I need.

2018 Wrap Up

In 2018, I read a total of 63 books. I set a goal of 52 books at the end of February in 2018 and that is when I started “power reading.” You can see the list of books I read over on my Goodreads page.

2018 was the year I rediscovered my passion for reading. I also decided to explore new genres such as YA fantasy. I have loved finding out what I love and what I don’t like so much. 2019 will continue on a similar path of mixing genres through out the year. I set the same goal for 2019 as last year: 52 books. I figure an average of one book a week is feasible and also leaves some wiggle room to take breaks if necessary.

Currently Reading and Upcoming Events

Right now, I am reading a book called Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. I picked up this book through my little book club that I am part of with friends. We did a white elephant style book exchange and the book I chose was prefect for me! It is a paranormal, urban fantasy with some romance mixed in. Ya’ll know I love me some paranormal romance.

I also started Winter on audiobook today. I didn’t plan to add this to my January TBR but since I went back to work today, I needed an audiobook to listen to on my commute to and from work. The other books on my TBR were not available, so I skipped ahead and was happy to see that Winter was an option! I love The Lunar Chronicles and I am excited but sad to finish the series.

Other books on my TBR include The Cruel Prince and the first 5 books of The Sookie Stackhouse Series. I have a read-a-long happening starting this coming Sunday for the entire series (avg. 2 books a week) on January 6th. Find out the details here. It is basically a buddy read done through the hashtag #sookieseriesbuddyread

One more book that I am adding to my TBR this month is my first ever Netgally approved ARC. I will be reading Willful Depravity by Ingrid Hahn. I am excited to read this romance because the heroin is plus sized and I have not read a lot of books with fat rep.

Moving Ahead

All in all, I am happy to be back blogging (whether it be once a week, once a day, or once a month). I still plan to read and comment on others’ blog post as I can and continue to interact with everyone on Twitter. How is your new year starting off? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “New Year Check In

  1. One of my 2019 blogging goals was just to have fun! When your blog starts to feel like it’s more work and less hobby, it’s not fun! Leaving it without a set schedule is a great way to do that and I think that’s an awesome idea!

    By the way… I’m super excited about the buddy read!!! Thanks for organizing it!

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  2. Welcome back to blogging! I completely agree that blogging should be fun, and I hope you enjoy it while you do this year. I realised early on I need a bit of structure, else I’d procrastinate so much, but everybody has what works for them!

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