Checking In With 2019 Goals

Checking In With 2019 Goals

Hello hello! Welcome to another “checking in” post. I decided to do this post instead of a “Tag Tuesday” or “Top Ten Tuesday” because the point of this theme is to guide me back into blogging mode. I have been a hot mess with my blog the last week or so. The holiday season has come hard and I have been focusing on reading, preparing for Christmas and getting ready for Yule rituals.. Sometimes my life feels like a wreck because I want to do so many things but lack at prioritizing. I also seem to put a preference on what I want to do vs. what I need to do. I am learning that I am very much a mood blogger and perhaps a mood anything-er. 

In this post I will be sharing my 2019 Goals so that I can be somewhat held accountable. Perhaps the list will inspire you to make some goals yourself. I don’t want to call this a “new year resolution” because I don’t usually stick to those. 



Plan Posts at Least a Week in Advanced

Right now, my plan for posts are just whatever I feel like that day. Sometimes I don’t have any idea what I want to post so I just skip that day. Or, the post will end up being hard to follow and not interesting. The best way I can figure out how to remedy this, is to plan out my blog posts on Sunday evenings. I am an avid planner by nature, so I need to use my super powers to my advantage. 

Schedule Posts

Now that I have been blogging for a few weeks, I can easily see that I am a mood blogger. If I have the time to sit down and write 2-3 posts a day, I need to take advantage of that. Having a plan of posts ahead of time will help aid in this goal. I also need to decide what days I want to post so that I can stay consistent. I believe Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday would be a good place to start. But I don’t want to restrict myself too much. In order for me to stick to goals, I need to allow myself to be flexible. 

Comment on Creator’s Content

This is a big one for me because I genuinely enjoy reading my fellow bloggers’ posts, but I need to get better at commenting. Interaction is key with blog growth and so is supporting other creators’ content. It makes my day when someone takes the time to comment on my posts, so I want to make a goal of commenting on a minimum of 3 blog posts a day. 

Remember My Health

Like most people, I would like to lose weight. But I can’t be so cliche as to put that as a 2019 goal. Yes, I would like to lose weight but I don’t want that to be the focus of this goal. I don’t want to diet, cut out carbs, eat only fat, exercise religiously 5x a week, etc. etc. I just want to create better habits for myself that will hopefully result in some weight loss. But I am not putting myself on a  time line and I am going to try really hard to 1.) not weigh myself and 2.) not get discouraged. 

I plan to eat what I want but practice portion control. I do want to cut out soda and allow myself to have one beverage a week. We don’t currently keep soda in the house but I do enjoy a Sprite when we order or go out. I am hoping little changes give me big results in the long run.

Make Time for My Practice

Something that I don’t talk a lot about and that most people don’t know about me is that I have a spiritual practice that I like to follow. It is not religious as I don’t worship any deities, but it is very meditative based. I focus on my goals and energies while also incorporating rituals to aid in my focus and meditation. In addition, I like to use the moon phases in my practice.

After I take time to meditate and work on my practice, I feel much more calm and relaxed. My goal for 2019 is to dedicate at least one day a week to focusing on this aspect of my spirituality. 

Don’t Neglect Other Hobbies

I love reading. I love blogging. I also love to work on hand lettering, planning, watching Netflix, and hanging out with close friends. 2018 was  the year of books for me. I neglected my love of books since I had my first child back in 2013. I am so glad that I found my love for reading again but with that, I have neglected other things that I enjoy.

I don’t catch up on the shows that I love, I hardly make plans with friends, my hand lettering technique still needs a lot of work, and I generally feel overwhelmed when I try to do anything else besides reading. 

I don’t have a tangible goal for this besides keeping it in the back of my mind that I need to continue to reach out to friends and allow myself to do other things besides read my books. 

Focus On Career Advancement

I work as an ASL/English interpreter and I love my career choice. But I am not in the setting that I want to be in, which means I am not reaching my full potential. I know where I want to be but I need to work harder to get there. This means taking time out to focus on self improvement. I will not get to where I want by just hoping it happens. I need to put in the time and work. 

Fortunately, my dream job is having me mentor with them 1-2 times a month to focus on the skills that need the most work. By the end of 2019, I will apply again for my dream job and hope that my skills have improved enough that I am hired. The good news is, is that I have the resources at my disposal. I just have to put in the work. 

Do More Activities With My Kids

I am a full time working mom who is also a full time student. I also try to take time for myself. But I have noticed that I am not doing as much with my kids as I wish I was. I want to read with them more, take them to the library more often, and try to do one craft every other weekend. 

To some, that may sound like something I should be doing anyway or even the bare minimum. Maybe it is. But I ask that you not judge my parenting. The important thing is that my kids are loved and taken care of. 


What are you goals for 2019? Can you relate to any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Checking In With 2019 Goals

  1. You are such a role model for me 😉 I can’t believe you work, study and take care of your family, it’s so impressive! As you said the goal is not to be perfect at any of those things but just take time to sit back and figure out what you want to prioritize, and do what makes you feel happy and satisfied.
    I have very similar goals! I have only just started to get into blogging more “seriously” (post more than once a year lol) and I would like to schedule my posts (probably Wednesday and weekends).
    I want to eat and drink healthier stuff (I don’t need to lose weight but I’ve suffered from an eating disorder for a long time and it’s very important for me to be healthy, which I’m not always. I’m definitely stopping alcohol in January at least), and I also want to make more time for yoga practice, which is good for my physical and mental health. I have chronic pain and also really want to figure out exactly what’s wrong and what can be fixed.
    I’m also starting a new job in January which I’m sooo excited about but I think it will be way more challenging (which is what I wanted) so I’ll need time to get up to speed!
    My husband will go to the US for about 3 months at the beginning of the year so it will make it easier to focus on work but it will also be hard to be apart!
    Hope you have an amazing 2019 ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much. I hate the whole stereotype of “new year new me” but instead of focusing on changing my body so much, I want to focus on my mind set and try to be kinder to myself while making small positive changes that reflect in bigger ways mentally. I hope you have a great 2019!


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