The Sookie Stackhouse Read-A-Long

The Sookie Stackhouse Read-A-Long

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Here are the official details on the buddy read/readalong that I am hosting starting in January for The Sookie Stackhouse Series (AKA The Southern Vampire Series)! This is where you can find the dates we will be reading the series along with links to Amazon to purchase the books if you feel like adding to your collection (not affiliate links).

If you have never heard of Sookie Stackhouse, you may have heard of the HBO series by the name of TruBlood. That TV series is based off this 13 book series written by Charlaine  Harris. If that is still not ringing any bells, here is a short synopsis of the plot.

The Sookie Series is a paranormal romance and narrated in first person perspective by Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress and a telepath in the fictional town of Bon Temps in northwestern Louisiana. Vampires recently “came out” to the world and it isn’t long before Sookie runs into her first vampire, a handsome one named Bill Compton. The series takes us through various interactions, steamy romance, and adventures as Sookie navigates this new world. There is much more than just vampires in this series. Faeries, witches, shape shifters, and other paranormal creatures will grace the pages and have you yearning for more. I spread out the series over 7 weeks where we will be reading 2 books a week.

I read this series about 6 years ago and I devoured the entire thing in a matter of months. I remember loving it. Back then there were only 11 books out and I think I stopped at book 10. I got pregnant and my attentions were focused on other matters. But now I am ready to dive back in for a re-read and to completely finish the series.

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  1. 1/6-1/12: Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas
  2. 1/13-1/19: Club Dead and Dead to the World
  3. 1/20-1/26: Dead as a Doornail and Definitely Dead
  4. 1/27-2/2: All Together Dead and From Dead to Worse
  5. 2/3-2/9: Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family
  6. 2/10-2/16: Dead Reckoning and Deadlocked
  7. 2/24-2/28: Dead Ever After

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I debated on how I wanted to organize this buddy read. This is my first time hosting a readalong/buddy read so I have nothing to go off of.  I couldn’t decide to make a dedicated Twitter page and have multiple hosts or if I should do a group chat.

In the end I decided to do a hashtag. Basically, anyone wanting to participate in the buddy read will search for #sookieseriesbuddyread to see the discussions happening. I will be posting discussion threads on my own Twitter handle @whatsmypage. I encourage anyone participating to start their own Twitter threads too as they read. All you have to do is add the hashtag and we will all be able to find it.

I will be trying to do blog or video posts weekly discussing how the buddy read is going and my thoughts on the books. I encourage anyone participating to do the same.

In addition, I will be making a video announcement on my Booktube channel for those who prefer the Youtube platform.

This format is intended to make the buddy read stress free and FUN. If you can’t read 2 books a week, thats fine! Read at your own pace and pick up in the discussion threads when you can.  I may create a group chat if the participation is low enough. I am all about playing it by ear.

I am looking forward to this re-read and discussing the series with everyone who plans to join!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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6 thoughts on “The Sookie Stackhouse Read-A-Long

  1. Aw, this looks like so much fun! I wish so badly that I could but there’s just no way I can fit in 2 books of the series per week while working on other things, too. But hopefully seeing all of you talk about it will help motivate me to finally pick the series back up in January at my own pace at least lol!


  2. yay I’m excited about this readalong, I’ve never participated in one! I really enjoyed the Anita Blake series a few years ago so I hope I will like those just as much 🙂


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