Nov. Wrap Up & Dec. TBR

Nov. Wrap Up & Dec. TBR

Hello! As you can see, I am combining my wrap up and TBR because why not? That’s just how I like to do things. 

Here is what I read in November! I am counting ACOWAR because I will finish it today and it is close enough to the end of the month that I am including it in my November Wrap Up 😀 

November Wrap Up
  • Total Books Read: 4
  • Total Pages Read: 2,093
  • 5 Star Ratings: 3
  • 2 Star Ratings:
  • Genres Read:
  • YA/NA: 2
  • Middlegrade: 1
  • Adult Romance: 1

A bit slower month, but overall a good one. I focused mainly on the ACOTAR series and finishing it (with the exception of the novela).  Be on the look out for an entire series review in the next week on this series. I absolutely loved it and in my review, I will give my thoughts on the accusations of it being problematic. 

I have already posted reviews for The Hating Game (2 stars) and Nevermoor (5 stars).


I swore off TBRs for November and thought about doing it for December too. But since I have a few Readathons I am participating in and also having end of the year reading goals. I could not avoid creating a TBR. 

A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult
The Real Michael Swann by Bryan Reardon
I talk about these books in this post

My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry
-I picked this book up at Target several months ago. I didn’t have it as a goal to read before the end of the year but I needed an audiobook to listen to. Since my library didn’t have any of my acuall end of the year “to read” books available, I picked this one! I am about 2 hours into it so far and I am intrigued. I am so happy to be getting back into thrillers! 

YOU by Carol Kepnes
– I heard about this book from Tabby over at Keeping Tabs on Booktube and have been yearning to read it since summer. Since December came out of nowhere, I decided I will read it before 2019! I am also super excited to be buddy reading this with fellow thriller love, Nicole from A Beautiful Chaos of Books.  It is a story about a man who is stalking a woman and manipulates her life. But the story is told through the stalkers perspective. Creepy!

The last two books on my TBR are for Cosyathon and TisTheSeasonAThon! You can read about those books here!

I only have one week left of school and then I get a month off! I really hope this gives me the opportunity to spend a lot more time reading. I know that Christmas time will probably take up any extra time I have though. I absolutely love Christmas time though. I think I need to look into doing Blogmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful reading month and have a jolly December too!

3 thoughts on “Nov. Wrap Up & Dec. TBR

  1. I’m you enjoyed the ACOTAR series! I am so looking forward to your discussion on the “problematic” aspects! Have you read The Wife Between Us? I forget who it’s by but it’s a 2018 release I’m pretty sure. I saw Books and Lala talk about it and it sounds pretty good. OMG I hope you and Nicole love YOU! Everytime someone reads a books that I’ve raved about I always get nervous that maybe I overhyped it and they wont like it lol. But it’s an amazing book!! Also, blogmas sounds good to me! Lol


  2. Also looking forward to your discussion on the problematic aspects of the ACOTAR series since I’m planning on reading it and generally don’t have many issues with books, so I’m curious.
    I hope you enjoy YOU, I thought it was just ok but I’m quite intrigued by the TV show, I think it can be good.


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