December 3rd-9th Readathons

December 3rd-9th Readathons

I am usually not a big “readathon” person but I couldn’t resist these two fun events. They happened to be occurring at the same time which meant I had the challenge of finding books for both readathons (13 challenges in total).

The last readathon that I did was Booktubeathon back in the summer and it ended up a flop for me, reading 4/7 books. So I am coming at these two readathons with a different approach.

I want to read as few books as I can while still fulfilling the challenges. The reason I am trying to read as few books as possible is because I know myself. And I know that committing to any more than one book in a week is not very do-able. Yet, I still want to take part in all the fun and camaraderie of these two awesome readathons.

Here are the challenges from each readathon


The Reading Challenges:

1. Read our group book: A list of cages – Robin Roe

 2. Read a book with a cold cover

3. Read a Christmas themed book.

4. Read a book about a plan falling apart.

5. Read a book in your cosiest setting.

6. Read a book about getting stranded (physically or mentally).

7. Read a book that’s set in Winter


The Reading Challenges:
1) Read a book with red or green on the cover.
2) Read a book while listening to holiday music.
3) Read a warm & fuzzy book.
4) Read a short book (under 250 pages).
5) Read a holiday themed book.
6) Bonus challenge: Read our buddy-read book, Snow in Love by Melissa de la Cruz, Nic Stone, Aimee Friedman, and Kasie West.

Here are all the books I will be reading for BOTH challenges


That’s right, I have condensed 3 books into 13 separate challenges. The only one that I am skipping is the group read for Cosyathon. I wanted to limit the week to 3 books and I didn’t want to have to buy any new ones for these challenges.

The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily

Snow in Love


So now I officially have a TBR for both readathons and I am so excited to cozy up and read these holiday themed books. I plan to put my christmas decorations up next weekend which will provide all the necessary aesthetics to really get in the reading mood!

Let me know if you are participating in any Read-a-Thons for December. I may be looking to add one more closer to Christmas time!

One thought on “December 3rd-9th Readathons

  1. I love the challenges in readathons but I actually don’t like the pressure of participating, so it’s just inspiration for my monthly TBR 🙂 It’s pretty impressive that you found 3 books for all the challenges! Hope you enjoy that reading week


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