And So It Begins

And So It Begins


So here I am,  ready to dive into a new endeavor. I am taking a step back from Booktube to try my hand at something that (maybe) will appeal to me better: Blogging.

If you have no idea who I am, please check out my About Me page

Booktube is great– if someone has the gusto for it. My gusto reserves are at an all time low. I have mentioned many times how busy I am as a mom, full time interpreter, and student. I lasted a good 3 months before I sputtered out. I made a promise to myself from the very beginning of entering Booktube that I would only do it if it was still fun for me. Unfortunately, it is not fun any more.  I still plan to support and watch all of the wonderful people I have met through that platform. In fact, I still plan to do book tags that are often seen on Booktube, but in text format! So please keep tagging me! I may even post a video on occasion to my channel when the feeling strikes me.

So Booktube is out and blogging is in! Some of you are probably chuckling to yourselves because you know that blogging is just as much of a commitment (if not more) as Booktube is. While I do agree, I also want to put a disclaimer out there that this is truly *for me* and my own self care. I am not out to make money off of this or to become a well known name in the book community. My goals are pretty simple: to keep a catalogue of my reading adventures. Like most of you, I love to read. I love books so much that I can’t simply stop at finishing a book. I have to talk about it, rate it, review it, and maybe make a shrine to it (I’m looking at you, person who dedicates an entire shelf to a theme or series).

Another reason why I am switching platforms in the Book Community is because I feel that I can better articulate my thoughts via writing. Every time I attempt to make a review video (or any video for that matter) I rant, ramble, sputter and stutter. I am extremely self critical so I want to move away from that. Speaking of writing, I have always loved to write (in a general sense, not in an author sense) and I have let that hobby go since having children. Blogging is another way for me to dip my toes back into something that I loved to do in my younger days.

I do believe blogging will be more convenient for me because I can write during my down time at work, on the go, and anywhere my heart desires, really. Booktube is a little more in depth when it comes to filming and editing and I can’t exactly do those things when I’m not at home (with the exception of VLOGing).

As a disclaimer, I am new to blogging and the formatting/designing process. You may see a lot of changes as I grow and develop my blogging skills. My long term goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, organized blog that will keep everything nice and cozy for me (and other people) to enjoy. You may notice I already have categories up in the menu area where you can get an idea for the route I want to take this blog.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know! I am most active on Twitter, so please find me there @whatsmypage

I hope you stick around! If I haven’t completely bored you to death, get ready for mediocre grammar and my ramblings about a bunch of shit I like and don’t like!

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